Need some accountability with your training? Can’t quite push yourself to 100%? Unsure how to use some equipment or how to do some movements? This is what I (Dean, Personal Trainer) specialise in. I am highly qualified & experience and will guide you, push you and do my best to ensure that you achieve your goals.

Our Personal Training sessions are run out of Anytime Fitness in Milton, Brisbane. The sessions typically last 45 minutes and will be strength, cardio or a mix of both depending on your preferences and your goals. These sessions are tailored exactly to your health & fitness goals, whether you’re chasing fat loss, muscle gain, improved sports performance, improved health, injury rehabilitation, increased fitness or just simply to look great naked. Book in for a free session today – you can check out the gym, meet the team and see if we’re the right fit for you.

Our Pricing & Packages vary depending on you, your preferences and your goals. If you’re chasing more details on services, pricing or packages, get in touch today and we’ll run you through everything!

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