Online coaching isn’t a new service for us, however we have expanded our inclusions to ensure you’re kept accountable and that you reach your health & fitness goals. If you’re based in Brisbane, we’ll do some of the consultations face-to-face, however this program is available world wide.

Our customised, online training & nutrition program is the perfect combination of everything you need to reach your goals. You will have our highly knowledgable & experienced coaches at your finger tips. Your progress will be tracked consistently and you will be kept accountable.

What’s included:

  1. Goal Setting: You will either sit down with your coach, or have a phone conversation, to chat about your goals, short & long term. In this chat, you’ll also run through your likes, dislikes and preferences in terms of training & nutrition.
  2. Training & Diet History and Body Composition Measurements: These tell us where you’re currently at with your Health & Fitness, and assists us in designing the best possible training & nutrition program.
  3. Online Coaching Platform: You will receive your customised training & nutrition program via our online coaching platform.
  4. Weekly Check-ins: You’ll organise a regular time each week to have a face-to-face or over-the-phone chat with your coach/es.
  5. Programming Updates: All updates to your programming are included and will happen when necessary.

Our Pricing & Packages vary depending on you, your preferences and your goals. We have packages starting from $40/week, ranging up to $400/week. If you’re chasing more details on services, pricing or packages, get in touch today and we’ll run you through everything!

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