Dean offers a variety of Muay Thai and Strength & Conditioning group fitness classes each week. For more information on the Muay Thai Classes, please click here, for information on our Strength & Conditioning Group Classes, keep reading!

Our Strength & Conditioning classes are fun and high energy classes, focusing on cardio, strength and general fitness. These classes are formulated and structured by highly experienced and knowledgable coaches. We generally rotate the classes on the following basis;

  • 6 Week Strength Program which focuses solely on gaining strength and progressing our major lifts (Bench Press, Deadlifts (Conventional & Sumo), Back & Front Squats, Hip Thrusts and Overhead Press. Over these 6 weeks, the rep ranges and volumes change to promote strength increases. We track all of our lifts and ensure that everyone is progressing where possible. We find clients love this structure and are motivated by seeing their big lifts improve. Alongside our big lifts, we do a lot of accessory and core work which compliments the other compound movements.
  • After these 6 weeks, we do a 2 week interim program. This is a little less about lifting heavy and more about volume, conditioning & improving our fitness!

These Group Fitness classes are catered for all ages and abilities. You don’t have to be fit or strong to come in – this is where you come to get fit & strong! We pride ourselves on creating a no-ego, community focused environment where everyone feels welcome and supported. We guarantee that if you’re willing to put the effort in, you will achieve your health & fitness goals under the guidance & encouragement of our highly experienced team.

Why we structure our programming for Strength & Conditioning Classes;

The short answer – structuring the programs allows clients to achieve greater results and to remain motivated for longer. Training without structure isn’t anywhere nearly as effective as following some kind of structured programming. The program also allows our clients to track their weekly progression, which we find really helps with their motivation levels. 

Here’s a little more about how we structure our S&C Small Group Class programs;

Our S&C classes are structured into 6 week blocks of programming, with 1-2 deload weeks between. The current 6 week block we are in is focusing on form & technique – we are not that interested in weight progression. The exercises were chosen with a couple of questions in mind. (1) Where do our clients need the most help with their technique and range? And (2) Which exercises will aid in the performance of our clients big lifts for the next round of programming?

In regards to the rep ranges and sets chosen for this program, we attacked it a little differently. The reps started in the mid range (8-10) and will be increasing to a higher range (12-15) by the end of the 6 weeks. The aim for clients is to keep the same weight, or progress slightly, even as the reps increase. The program is structured in 3 x supersets (4 rounds of each superset) with a 10 minute warm up and 10 minute finisher (either cardio or core work). 

After these 6 weeks are over, we will go into 1 deload week which focuses on mobility, a little more high intensity cardio and body weight exercises. 

For our next 6 week block of programming, we will be focusing on BIG LIFTS & WEIGHT PROGRESSION. When I say big lifts, I mean; Squat (front or back), Deadlift, Bench Press, Some form of lunge (Bulgarian or Split Squat), Chin-ups and an Overhead Press.  We will be tracking each clients lifts over the 6 weeks and encouraging them to add 1.25kg or 2.5kg onto their lifts where possible. Reps will start at around 8-10 and end up around 4-6.