Pep Talk: Don’t let the number on your bathroom scales have such a large influence on your health, fitness, and most importantly your self-image.

There are too many other health markers that are far more significant indicators. I’m not telling you to ignore your weight, but I am telling you that if you base your self-perception, your daily mood and your training off that single figure then you’re leading yourself into an endless rollercoaster of plateaus and disappointment.

Hydration, sleep, medications, hormones, bowel movements, alcohol and food intake can all fluctuate your weight across the span of a single day. Don’t be disheartened by the one statistic that your scales provide. Often the most important progress is found in areas such as your functionality, your quality of movement and your holistic health. What your scales won’t tell you is the crucial ratio of your body’s muscle mass, nor will it provide any true indication of where your body stores its fats.

Let a trained Exercise Physiologist accurately measure these essential factors of your health, then work together to efficiently optimise your entire body to see results like my client in this post. Don’t lose motivation when your scales respond to your hard-work with a single, lacklustre digit.

~ Tyler Lawrence, AEP


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