Getting the Best Bang for your Buck: How Nutrition Meets Personal Training

It’s a common misperception that nutrition consultations and personal training sessions are two separate disciplines. While some believe body composition can be improved alone through watching your nutrition intake ie: restricting calories or increasing protein, others believe as long as they can slog it out in the gym, it doesn’t matter what they eat ie: Macca’s for days or perhaps nothing at all. To be fair, if this was you or is currently one of your beliefs; it’s not your fault! There’s a lot of misinformation out there, which is why we want to set the record straight! 

Why They’re Both Important

Despite both being separate disciplines, they are both fundamental for improving your strength and fitness level. One without the other is a little bit like driving with your handbrake on. You might get there in the end, but it’s going to take twice as long, and won’t be without some health consequences.

Personal Trainer / Exercise Physiologist

The personal trainer is the brains behind your programs whether it be fat loss, muscle mass gain/strength or physique sculpting. It is their job to design programs that cater for your specific body & to prevent any injuries (we all have those niggles and knots). Every program must be different as no person’s body is the same (if your current PT provides you with an “all round program” move on, your wasting your money).

Training Program

Every program will differ by catering for specific goals. For example: fat loss will require set days of resistance training with additional cardio, whilst strength and muscle hypertrophy will be set resistance sessions. The duration, frequency and intensity of your gym sessions will determine what nutrients should be going in to appropriately give your body what it needs. It is critical to have the required amount of fuel, to allow the body to meet energy requirements to achieve these goals. This is where the integration of personal training and nutrition comes in. The PT and Sports Dietitian work together and compare the programming to required energy needs to support your goals. You can bet on increased energy and protein though! Just different ratios for different goals and unique bodies.  

Sports Dietitian/Nutrition

A sports dietitian is someone who has studied how nutrition supplements muscle damage to repair, replenish and restore glycogen and muscle fibres in order to improve strength and fitness. Sounds confusing and complicated? Don’t worry, it’s not hard to do, when you know the tricks of the trade! Unfortunately, searching on google is a minefield in incredibly general and leaves you potentially risking your health. A qualified sports dietitian has been taught how to review and critique research and is constantly staying on top of the literature to give you the best of the best advice for your individualised needs. When your personal trainer is able to communicate with your sports dietitian, little work is needed on your end!

Leave all the hard work like calculating, and crunching numbers up to us, and enjoy the muscle burn and nutritious food to fuel your body and your life ☺