How I lost 14kg of Body Fat

Starting Weight = 112 kg.

Current Weight  = 98kg.

Difference = 14kg.

(Before & Afters are down below to demonstrate Body Fat lost)

14kg is alot.  Pick up a 14kg dumbbell and carry it around for an hour. It’s alot.


I didn’t realise that I’d put on that much body fat, to be honest.


How did I put on so much weight in the first place? Two words, Dad Life. Not that that’s an excuse, but that’s what happened. August 2017, when Hunter was born – life got a little wild, sleep wasn’t really a thing and all routine went out the window.

I didn’t stop training completely but I was eating for 3, not sleeping much at all and relying on coffee to get by (not a great strategy, by the way). Over a 2 year period, all of these factors caused me to put on 14kg of Body Fat. Not only did I not feel comfortable in my own skin, I was also not feeling fit, healthy or energised, and I knew something needed to change.


Discipline, that’s what I was lacking. That’s it really. 

It really came down to discipline… or a lack of.

Having the discipline to train consistently.

Having the discipline to eat to my meals on time and to meet my macros consistently.

Having the discipline to go to bed on time.


So how did I lose the 14kg of Body Fat?

In the middle of 2019, I made a very concious decision to stop being fucking lazy and came up with an action plan moving forward.

  1. I started tracking my food using the RP Diet App.

  2. I was scheduling in my training for the week in advance (training 4 times/week, 2 strength & 2 cardio).

  3. I started meal prepping each Sunday before the week ahead.

  4. I made an effort to get to bed early (ish) every night.

  5. I started drinking 3L+ of water per day.


So, what’s in store for 2020? 

The goal this year is to get down to 6% body fat – I’m currently sitting at about 10-12%.

Late last year, I decided that I wanted to mix things up and take my training to the next level. Lucky for me, I have access to some of the best coaches in Brisbane (way better than me!). I turned to Nicholas (Ex Phys), Dylan (S&C Coach) and Soren (Muay Thai Coach) for help. I’m training once a week with both Nicholas and Dylan doing Strength Training, and twice per week with Soren doing Cardio.

It’s only a month in and I’m really loving having someone ( or 3 someone’s) to push me harder than i can push my self. As an added bonus, my lower back issues are so much better from the programming the boys have done for me. It’s amazing what specific, prescribed exercise can do for your body!

Nutrition this year will be relatively similar. I’m still using the RP Strength App which allows me to track my food and automatically adjusts to my ever changing energy requirements.

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Watch this space, and if you’re ready to start your Health & Fitness journey, get in touch today to organise a free trial session!

How to lose Body Fat