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Through our personal training programs in Milton, many of our clients have chosen to share their personal stories of returning to full health on video. We hope you find these videos as awe inspiring as we do!

Annie Wallace

I used to think that a Personal Trainer was a waste of time. Why would I want to pay someone to tell me what to do – I get enough of that in the other areas of my life! But that was before I started training with Dean Weiss at Cutting Edge Performance Centre.

Over the past 18 months, Dean has helped me discover a how fit and fantastic I can truly be, be helping me develop and refine my goals, then encouraging me to work towards them every day. He has helped me go from someone who hated the gym to someone who is addicted to the rush. Now, I don’t feel right if I don’t get my Cutting Edge fix three mornings a week!

The changes I’ve seen not only in my health and fitness, but also in my outlook and goals have been immense. The team at Cutting Edge Performance Centre are like a family, they inspire me every day. So much in fact, that I am currently completing my own qualifications and further study to join the health and fitness industry.

Cutting Edge changed my life – and once you go there, you’ll never look back!

Annie Wallace Body Transformation

Chris Logan

I have been a client of Cutting Edge Performance Centre for well over a year.

During that time she had demonstrated a commitment to assisting me with the transformation of not just my body but my health and my mind as well.

I am as strong as I have ever been in 45 years and continue to improve after every appointment.

I would recommend the team at Cutting Edge without hesitation.

Chris Logan Body Transformation

Christopher Muller

From the moment I met the team at Cutting Edge I felt welcomed by their enthusiasm and friendly nature. Jimmy was extremely motivating and pushed me to train harder than I thought was possible. Dean was always encouraging by helping me to understand why I had to follow the meal plan to get the results and was always extremely enthusiastic, comical and friendly.

Meeting with the team each week helped me to keep on track by seeing the results that came from following the meal plan and training hard. Having Dean come to the competition and show his support meant a lot after spending 6 months together working towards this goal.

Arriving at the competition I was extremely nervous but once I was on stage all the hard work had paid off and it became fun and exciting.

Christopher Muller Body Transformation

Nikki Kramer

Nikki has always been passionate about health and fitness, and  through her own weight loss journey she learnt the finer details of movement and nutrition prescription this had inspired her  Compete in INBA brisbane fitness expo in October 2016 in the bikini division and get in the best shape of her life.

Nikki Kramer Body Transformation

Dean Weiss

Even as a coach I still have had my own fitness journey, before I started Pt I was the biggest I’ve ever been 120kg #bigboy

Despite training almost everyday my nutrition was off wayyyyyy off I was eating to much of everything, I still thought I was dead sexy ?

Once I started my Pt course at Max Fitness College I was lucky enough to be coached by “B-Huge” Ben Buttler who taught me about HiiT training for fat loss, nutrition for life performance and training.

Over about 6 months I trained the most I have every trained in my life putting in about 5 days a week weight training lots of Hiit cardio eating well no stress.

Life was good.

I lost about 30 kg in total

I’m so blessed these days to be able to coach our clients through there own successful weight loss journeys and to Share my own experience and how I made it through to the other side of fitness.

Dean Weiss Body Transformation

Petr štajnc

Story coming soon.

Petr štajnc Body Transformation

Glen Lamb

Story coming soon.

Glen Lamb Body Transformation

Josh Chambers

Story coming soon.

Josh Chambers Body Transformation

Sarah Chambers

Story coming soon.

Sarah Chambers Body Transformation

Warick Prince

Story coming soon.

Warick Prince Body Transformation

Sasha Clark

Story coming soon.

Sasha Clark Body Transformation

Courtnay Howard

Story coming soon.

Courtnay Howard Body Transformation

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