Stuck in a Rut?! Do you feel like you’re doing everything right, but nothing is working? You’re training hard, you’re eating well, but still running on the spot?

Over the next couple of blogs, I’m going to go through some sneaky things that can undermine our progress without us even realising. Please enjoy all the contradictions. Welcome to the wonderful world of nutrition ☺

1. You’re not being patient

This is probably the biggest mistake I see. If things have been travelling along nicely but then they suddenly stall, wait AT LEAST two weeks before you change anything. Far too often people see a lack of immediate progress as failure, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sometimes you’re not going to make that squat, the scales aren’t going to move this week, or you’re not going to smash your run and there’s nothing you can do about it. Progress is rarely ever linear, so be patient and the results will come.

2. You’re not active enough

There’s no denying that hitting the gym regularly is one of the most effective things you can do for your health and fitness. The problem is, what you’re doing for the rest of the day also has a profound effect on your overall calorie expenditure, and so it’s really important we pay attention to our activity levels outside of the gym. Walking the dog, mowing the lawn, chasing the kids, or even just ensuring we’re hitting our 10 000 steps a day might be the only change we need to improve our health, fitness and body composition progress.

3. You’re too active

I’m sure at some point everyone has heard people talk about “too much of a good thing”, however for some reason people seem to forget about this when it comes to exercise. Whilst it’s super important to be getting in some moderate to high intensity exercise 3-5 times a week, doing too much can overly stress the body, inhibiting your recovery and overall performance. While it might be tempting to DO ALL THE THINGS RIGHT NOW SO I CAN GET SKINNY YESTERDAY this is a terrible idea and will only result in sickness, injury, disappointment or a wonderful combination of all three. If you’re struggling to figure out just how much exercise is the right amount for you, we’re always here to help. Submit an enquiry below to come in for a free Initial PT Consult.

4. You’re eating too much

This one may be the hardest pill to swallow, but it’s very, very important that we’re honest with ourselves. When we think back to what we’ve eaten over the past week, it might be easy to focus on all the salads and forget about all of the extra things that came along with it. Was there dressing on the salad? Did you have a drink with the salad? Was the salad loaded with nuts/croutons/meat? Are you forgetting the 2pm Kit Kat that followed it? Daily coffees, sauces and dressings, snacks, desserts and portion sizes are all often not tracked or considered accurately. All of these things can absolutely be included as part of a healthy, balanced diet, but if we’re not careful this pattern can add up to a lot of excess calories that we’re simply not factoring in to our daily intake.

5. You’re not eating enough

While some people are inadvertently eating too much, the opposite is just as true for others. If you’re not providing your body with the appropriate types and amounts of fuel to perform the activity you’re asking it to do, it’s going to shut things down and operate on “safe mode”. This is not ideal if we’re wanting to improve our body composition, recovery or performance. Just like above, we need to be realistic with ourselves. Are we really eating enough? When was the last time you skipped a meal? Do you consider coffee and a muesli bar a hearty breakfast?

6. You’re not sleeping enough

New goal: I’m going to somehow find a way to slip sleep in to every blog I write from here on in, because it’s that important. Even if your exercise and nutrition is PERFECT (jks there’s no such thing as perfect nutrition) you are not going to maximise your results if you’re not sleeping enough. 7-9 hours a night, period. I don’t care if you’re someone who thinks “oh yeah but I work fine on 5 hours a night so…” No, you don’t. You’ve just been getting by on 5 hours a night for so long you’ve forgotten what it’s like to actually get enough sleep. Put down the phone, turn off Netflix, and start building a decent bed time routine. Yes, you may lay awake for a while when you first try this, but like all good things, it might take some time. Keep at it, and your body will thank you.


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