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Strength and conditioning is not only for Brisbane based athletes and bodybuilders.

it’s also a great way for a weekend warriors to increase your performance in your chosen recreational sports & everyday life. Our Brisbane strength & conditioning coaches are highly experienced and also have effective methods using strength and conditioning training to help you reach your weight loss or strength goals.

How does strength and conditioning training work?

Our strength and conditioning programmes are designed to work every energy system in your body. Your body runs off of two systems, these are known as the anaerobic and aerobic systems. Targeting both of these systems has a range of different benefits – which is why we customise our coaching to work both.

Anaerobic systems

Creatinine and lactic: Now this has to happen at about 90-100% effort; creatine phosphate (CP) is used first and only last for about 0-30 seconds, so it is dominant in short sharp intense sprints. This then takes around 3 minutes to recover to about 90%; CP has no bi-product, then the lactate system kicks in (heard of lactic acid?) after 30 seconds and last up to 3 minutes.

Our lactic system is the driving force behind energy; it uses muscle glycogen (essentially sugar) to provide movement again done at 90-100% effort. The lactic system has a bi-product of lactic acid which can take from 20 minutes to 2 hrs to recover. Think high intensity interval training HIIT.

Aerobic system

We all know what cardio is – basically it’s strength & conditioning training for the heart and lungs. It is our next energy source after we have done some cardiovascular work past the 3 minute mark.

This comes with a host of benefits, including helping decrease resting heart rate and decreasing chance of cardiovascular disease, along with many more. Integrating the aerobic system is a bonus to any strength and conditioning workout.

Aerobic workouts are based on getting the body into a ‘steady state’, where the demands on your body are balanced and steady throughout.

A great example of this would be distance running. While some sports require more aerobic energy than others, working the aerobic system still provides a solid baseline of fitness, making it pivotal for any sport-specific training, casual athlete or natural bodybuilding training.

Metabolic conditioning

Metabolic conditioning refers to a structured pattern of work rest periods to elicit a desired response to the body. The primary purpose of metabolic conditioning is to maximise the efficiency of a particular energy system in the body to perform better in sport and or desired physique.

one really positive benefit is that it increases caloric burn for 36-46 hrs after a session according to the journal of strength and conditioning research. This is what makes this type of training particularly appealing for those who want to lose fat.

We have had huge success with our strength and conditioning coaching; training a variety of different clients across Brisbane. Regardless of age, gender and body type – our professional personal trainers have the knowledge and expertise to design a programme around your needs and help you reach your fat loss/sporting goals.

Which is best for you?

Working out which type of training is best of you really depends on your goals and your sport. There is a lot of research out there today that suggests using your anaerobic systems are the best way to train if you are trying to lose body fat and build muscle, as your body actively starts to change and turn into a fat burning machine by getting really efficient at storing glycogen (sugar) and then burning the fat to replace that glycogen for the next 36-46 hrs.

This also increases human growth hormone (this is the hormone that keeps you young); the same research has shown that people who do lots of long steady state cardio burn fat while exercising but actually get really efficient at burning glycogen and storing fat to later burn when you’re training. If you were to look at a 100-metre sprinter against a marathon runner you can start to understand the logic behind this.

Our Strength & Conditioning Training Packages

At Cutting Edge Performance Centre we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to training. All of our strength and conditioning coaching workouts are structured and custom built to the individual.

Our professional personal trainers design the workouts to help you achieve your desired goals to ensure you reach peak fitness, whether you’re getting in shape to perform natural bodybuilding routines on stage or simply want to be fitter and healthier.

If you’d like to hear more about our strength and conditioning coaching then please fill out a free enquiry form or contact us on 0408 016 793. Alternatively, you can come and visit us anytime at unit1,45 Douglas street, Milton, Brisbane.

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