Nutrition Consults

Sports Nutrition Consults with Cutting Edge Performance Centre’s Accredited Practising Dietitian, Jono.

Jono Steedman, our Dietitian, has studied a Bachelor of Exercise & Nutrition Science at the University of Queensland and has received his Masters of Dietetics earlier in 2018. Jono has a passion for both Food and Health & Fitness ( Sports Nutrition ) and loves helping people improve their energy, health and body composition.

Jono works with everyone, from those taking the first few steps on their Health & Fitness Journey to our Comp Prep Clients, and even those with Chronic Diseases. Medicare & Private Health Rebates are able to be claimed for these appointments also.

Initial Consult $160

  • Body Composition Scan
  • Take Full Diet & Medical History
  • Chat about goals, lifestyle & time commitments
  • Customised Meal Plan

Follow-up Consult $79

  • Check-in & revisions of Meal Plans and Lifestyle Habits
  • Tracking/Measuring Goals to keep you accountable.

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We also offer a program called: The Accountability Program

This program can be online, or in-person, and is designed for those of you who need a little accountability when it comes to your Nutrition. The program is not just a meal plan. This is an Educational Experience designed to assist Australian’s with their nutrition & health. The mission is to allow people to build a healthy & positive relationship with real food.

What’s included?

  • Face-to-face & online weekly check-in
  • Monthly Meal plan Updates
  • Weekly Action Plan for Results
  • Customised to the individual
  • To accomodate your needs
  • Medicare & Private Health Rebates Available
  • Doctor Referral is Required

Who is the program suitable for?

  • People with Chronic Diseases.
  • People wanting or needing to lose weight.
  • Those with sports specific nutritional needs.
  • People wanting to find healthy & sustainable balance with food & exercise.
  • Individuals wanting to understand body composition.

Pricing: $160 Initial and then $50/pw ongoing. We have no lock-in contracts, so you’re able to finish up on this program at any time, with 30 days written notice.

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