Sports Nutrition

How do you track Macros?

The 1st step is to work out your basal metabolic rate, your current energy output and your current energy input. 2nd Step: Once we have these details, along with your body composition, we can work out the food macros you should be adhering to, to achieve your health & fitness goals. 3rd Step: You will need to follow these macros for 2-4 weeks & then reassess. Depending on how your body is responding, you may need to tweak your macros so they are as effective as possible.

Sports Nutrition & Dietetics

Our head Personal Trainer, Dean Weiss is particularly passionate about Sports Nutrition and is striving to expand his knowledge base on the subject, to become a issn qualified Sports nutritionist and supplementation specialist.

Dean has done this to help our clients break down what they are eating now, and to help them make better nutrition decisions.Clients  always ask what is the best diet to go on or what about this diet to achieve their objectives.

Our Sports Nutrition Systems

At Cutting Edge, we use a method of both face-to-face contact and an online platform to deliver an effective nutrition plan.  We aimed to develop this program as more of an educational experience, rather than a meal plan. 

The Process
You and your Sports Nutritionist or Dietitian will complete a bio scan and skin folds (optional) initially to establish a base line of where you’re currently at. They will use this to assess your body’s current needs, and your body’s needs in relation to your goals.
From here, your Nutritionist or Dietician will customise a meal plan based on your Macros (read below for more information on Macro Nutrients). We’ll make sure this nutrition plan fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.
Keeping you Accountable
We have implemented an online portal which you will be required to track your progress and results each and every week, to make sure you’re staying on track. Both you and your Nutritionist/Dietician will have access this. Additionally, we will give you a call each week to go through the week and address any obstacles you may be experiencing.
Package Pricing 
All of the costs are rolled into a nice & neat, 24 week package to make it easy for you. Here’s a bit more of a breakdown for you:
Initial cost 
$160 for 60 min consultation process, custom meal and macros, plan bio, metabolic health screen and profile set up.
$50 per week gives you access to our online results portal along with weekly online and over-the-phone coaching. This will also give you access to online educational  videos!

We don’t believe that a one size fits all approach is a good strategy – we prefer the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time your “eating clean” and the other 20% you have a not-so-perfect diet.


Macro Nutrients, what are they? We’ve got: Fats, Carbs, Protein (and Fibre).

The most common issue we see in regards to nutrition, is that people tend to have too many Fats & Carbs in their diet, and not enough Protein or Carbohydrates. We track and assess these Macro and Micro nutrient intakes via an App called, ‘My Fitness Pal.’

Protein: Proteins are our building blocks for our muscles. Protein is also the most abundant molecule in the body, aside from water. Protein is SO important!

Fibre: Fibre is something that is commonly overlooked when people think about Nutrition Plans. Consuming more fibre will help to improve gastrointestinal health and will actively slow digestion and increase the metabolic rate (i.e. Keep you fuller for longer!).

Fats: Among other things, fats are essential for hormone production.

Carbohydrates: People are afraid of carbs however, they are fat mobilisers. A high-fibre diet will provide you with adequate carbohydrates. This gives you lots of energy ready for when you train.

Water: We all know that water is good for us but very few of us drink enough. Again, everyone is different but you need to be drinking at least 3 litres of water every day! This is especially true for people that train frequently.

So what is the best sports nutrition plan?

The answer is one that you can stick to, to help achieve your goals. This is not just for the next few weeks, but for the next few years. For more information on this then please contact us on 0408016793,

Or drop us a line and we will get back to you  asap!

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