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ISSN Sports Nutrition and Supplementation Specialist   ( HOW FANCEY )

Our head Personal Trainer, Dean Weiss is particularly passionate about Sports Nutrition and is striving to expand his knowledge base on the subject, to become a issn qualified Sports nutritionist and supplementation specialist.

This will help our clients break down what they are eating now and help them make better decisions when it come to their nutrition.

We have moved so far away from knowing what real food and a healthy diet is. Clients  always ask what is the best diet to go on or what about this diet to achieve their objectives.
If you’re a performance athlete, to the average population the strategies are pretty much the same, eat more whole foods/real foods, lean meats, fruits and vegetables and cut out the crap.

Our Sports Nutrition Systems

Our sports nutrition systems we use are an education process. We don’t believe that a one size fits all approach is a good strategy. We find the best results come from the people who consistently track their food, using apps like myfitnesspal, and learn a little about what they are eating so they can make better choices when it comes to their nutrition.

We have all heard the “eat clean” buzz and fundamentally this is a good strategy but you need to be able to fit in a little of the “bad food” (there is no such thing as a “bad food” just how much you eat of it) so having an 80/20 rule is best 80% of the time your “eating clean” and the other 20% you have a not so healthy diet.

This will help you not go without and help reduce those urges that bring so many people unstuck; fitting in the chocolate or the pizza or whatever it is that you want.

Protein & Fibre

Protein is an essential part of any sports nutrition diet, especially one that incorporates exercise as it helps create the building blocks of the body – which help you build and repair muscle tissue.

Fibre is also a key part of good health, however it often gets overlooked. It’s good for gastrointestinal health and helping you drop those unwanted kgs long term by actually slowing your digestion down and then forcing your body to heat up and work harder to digest the food to extract the nutrients that turn into energy to use later on. We call this the thermic effect of food.

Thing’s we find all too often is people have too much fat and carbohydrates and not enough fibre or protein. The tracking measured on myfitnesspal give us a lot of data to analyse and assess so we can identify patterns (low fibre low protein, too much carbs, too much fat) and what time of the days we are consuming your food.

Again there is no one diet for everyone we have parameters we apply to each and every client that is specifically tailored to your body composition and goals.

So what is the best sports nutrition plan?

The answer is one that you can stick to to achieve your goals not just for the next few weeks but for the next few years. We have nutritional seminars that give you advice and tips around how you can build the perfect diet for your needs. For more information on this then please contact us on 0408016793,

Or drop us a line and we will get back to you  asap!

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