How to Fix Shoulder Pain

One of our Personal Training clients come to me this week he was loosing motivation because he was getting a sore shoulder and was struggling to do key exercises to move him towards his goals, He had been to Physio  for a while but nothing was working so how to fix shoulder pain?

This particular Personal training Client is an engineer and he spends his whole day in front of a computer so the first part to fix shoulder pain is understanding why its happening in the first place.

In modern day society We spend more and more time sitting at a computer, using our phones/ipads and sitting in traffic.

Unfortunately, shoulder and related neck pain are all too common in our personal training  clients and  society.

These sustained positions and movements all cause a change in posture, shortening and weakening the postural and stability muscles.

Which leads to the body choosing to rely on smaller muscles/groups and forming ineffective muscle activation and movement patterns around the shoulder.

With one of the most common injuries and pain experienced with the shoulder being rotator cuff pain/syndrome. 

The shoulder joint is what’s known as a ball and socket joint, that is unfortunately relatively unstable and held together by only four small muscles. 

Including the subscapularis, supraspinatus, infraspinatus and teres minor which are known as the rotator cuff group.

With the rotator cuff group responsible for controlling movement from the shoulder blade and shoulder rotation.

Unfortunately this muscle group is vulnerable to tears/impingements through causes such as changes in the bony structure of the shoulder over time.

 incorrect loading and impacts injuries, which can lead to the tendons becoming intermediately trapped during shoulder movements, resulting in restricted range of motion.

pain and unwanted alignment/positioning through the shoulder and shoulder blade.

There are many different types/forms of rotator cuff injuries. Treatment does vary.

so it is important to see the adequate health professional to be properly assessed and screened which is essential to ensuring appropriate treatment.

long-term pain-relief and the restoration of normal function.  

How To Fix Shoulder Pain?

Here are some simple exercises that can help warm up the shoulders and hopefully  prevent some injuries:

Shoulder Retraction and Hold:

Shoulder External Rotations:

Low Scapula Retraction and Row:

Pectoral/Anterior Deltoid Stretch:

If you are experiencing shoulder pain and have not been able to get any relief plate give me a buzz I’m alway here to help

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