Postpartum Mummy Makeover

mummy makeover

Mummy Makeover | Congratulations! You’ve just gone through the most enduring physical experience of your life. Your body might as well have climbed Mt Everest and swam the circumference of the globe. And now all you want to reward your body with is sleep for a month. Good news!

The First Six Weeks

If you can manage it, sleep and rest is advised for the first six weeks postpartum as your body needs time to heal and adapt to the new roles that encompass motherhood (feeder, lover, caretaker, cushion, toilet). However, now that you’ve assumed the position of full-time superwoman, regaining your strength is also important.

After you have your baby, whether natural, or caesarean, please wait for your six week check-up and obtain medical clearance before you start any exercise training program. Then, and ONLY then, is it advised to start an exercise program.

Generally, if you’ve exercised throughout your pregnancy and had a normal vaginal delivery, you are safe to do light exercise (walking, modified push-ups and stretching) within days of delivering. And when we say light, we mean LIGHT woman! We don’t want your bowels dropping out from underneath you when you try save the day for the third time before 11am.

After Six Weeks

After your six-week postpartum checkup, the magic can begin. Your Mummy Makeover starts now!

Our coaches can provide a safe and effective program by ensuring you perform the right exercises and techniques to help you get back in shape, including helping to prevent and solve common post-natal issues such as diastasis.

Whether you’re pregnant, planning to become pregnant or postnatal, keeping healthy and fit will give you the energy, strength and stress relief you need so you can enjoy your baby. One of the most important things for pre/post pregnancy is stretching and breathing techniques.

With this in mind, it’s a great idea to work with one of our Coaches as we can provide a safe and effective program custom-designed specifically for you to keep you healthy and fit.

We can help you with pre-natal weight gain and post natal weight loss and fitness. Our Coaches ensure correct technique and pre/post natal guidelines are followed. Our sessions focus on reshaping, toning and strengthening muscles, core and pelvic floor strengthening for stretching and cardio.

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Where to Start?

So, where to start with your exercise? If you are in your first trimester and have not been participating in any exercise program leading up pregnancy, please wait until your second trimester and obtain medical clearance before you start an exercise program.

If you have already been exercising while pregnant just listen to what your body is telling you. If any exercise doesn’t feel right or you feel any pain, this is when you need to stop or modify* your exercise. This is no time to be hitting personal bests’ on the deadlift. However, if you have been doing weights before pregnancy you’re fine to continue with your fitness programming at a relative weight where you feel like you are working but not exerting yourself. Remember, you can sweat to cool down, Bub can’t. So, make sure you regulate your body temperature; if you’re overheating, take a break, sip on cool water and sit in front of a fan. So, are you ready to get fit?

Come and pay us a visit. We’ve been working with many mums, helping them to get active and fit. You’ll be surprised at how much you can transform with the right support.

Here’s to the mummy makeover! Click here to get started for FREE!

*To avoid pelvic instability, replace lunges with squats.

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