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One-on-One Personal Training Lifestyle Program

If you’re Busy with life and are finding it hard to get to the gym this one-on-one personal training package is for you. We love busy people! Busy people just get more shit done!

Our lifestyle program includes 2 one-on-one personal training sessions per week at our private studio in Milton. This program is designed to compliment your life, not complicate your life. Get the results you are after.

One-on-one personal training can help in so many ways. In no time you will feel a boost in your energy levels and your happiness levels. You will also be increasing your self confidence from learning to set and achieve goals set in conjunction with you and your coach.

We can help you reduce the risk of heart disease and other illnesses through just 2 one-on-one personal training sessions with your coach per week.

In addition to sleeping better, you will have an increase in your strength and flexibility, so your joints stay healthy and mobile, and your memory will improve. We will even have you performing better at work! Regular exercise also helps you live longer and recover faster if you are injured.

I’m not seeing a downside so far?

This lifestyle program includes:

  • 2x 45 minute one-on-one personal training sessions
  • body composition measurement every fortnight
  • Nutritional planning and coaching
  • Custom training plan (if required)
  • Access to facilities for extra sessions
  • A 5 min hands on stretch and massage at the end of each for those tight spots

If this program is for you get in touch.

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