Coach Darcy Cronin-Stacey

A talented athlete in his youth & now a Personal Trainer in Milton

Darcy now a Personal Trainer ( bachelor in exercise science) in Milton competed in many sports at a representative level with his main two being basketball and AFL.

After school Darcy was lucky enough to secure a trial with a professional basketball team and was signed to a development player contract, however he was released after injuring his hamstring severely in a way outside his contract agreement.

He returned home obviously depressed with what had happened and started to pile on weight and continued to re-injure himself with badly programmed rehabilitation programs.

This cycle continued until he visited with a new physiotherapist, who referred him on to an exercise physiologist who helped him to strengthen the injured area, reactivate lagging muscles and repattern movement patterns to take stress of the injured area back to where it was ideally supposed to be.

This inspired him to study his Bachelor in Exercise and Movement Science, so he can help people with their health and fitness issues.


Bachelor of Exercise and Movement Science


Former Professional Athlete (Basketball),
Former Representative athlete (basketball and australian rules football),
Helping clients with a vast variety of goals (relieve back pain, bench press 125kg, increase vertical jump,lose 15kg before a wedding, etc.)


Strength and Conditioning (from beginner to advanced),
Training Children and the elderly,
Resetting functional movement patterns,
Hypertrophy training,
Weight/fat loss,
Comp Prep Training

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