Head Coach Dean Weiss

Voted as one of the Top 10 of Best Personal Trainers in Brisbane.

It has always been Dean’s goal to have his very own Gym or Personal Training centre in Brisbane. Why? Well, currently over half of Australia’s population is either Overweight or Obese. By 2025, this is forecasted to reach 71.9%. All of these people are at high risk of life-threatening health issues and these statistics don’t seem to be declining.

Not wanting to see this continually rise, Dean started a Personal Training Studio in Milton and therefore, Cutting Edge Performance Centre was born.

Personal Trainers Brisbane

Dean has the pleasure of directing his hand picked team of Personal Trainers and Exercise Scientists based in Milton, Brisbane.

The Coaches are given all the guidance they require to ensure that every client coming through Cutting Edge, has an amazing and life-changing experience.

“I will develop the best personal trainers in Brisbane”

Dean has been involved many different sports:

  • Strength training since he was sixteen years old
  • Mountain biking
  • Boxing
  • Muay thai
  • Football
  • Rock Climbing
  • Body Building.

Dean has been involved in Body Building & Bikini Preparation for the last 5 years and has personally trained over 50+ competitors from Amateur Bikini to Pro Bikini (domestic & international competitions.)

Dean enjoys the challenge of sports-specific training but he love’s clients that have had no experience in the gym.

“First timers are my jam”

He finds it so rewarding to break down exercises to their simplest form, and to teach people the most effective way to train their body.

Dean has also had the pleasure and privilege of training numerous clients throughout pregnancy, and then again post-partum. Dean loves to help these ladies get their figures back and improve their self-confidence post-bub.


Certificate III Certificate IV Fitness
Sports Nutrition and Supplementation Specialist
Diploma of Business
PHD in the Science of Enjoying Life


Voted in the “Top 10 of Top 10 of Best Personal Trainers 2013” (The Urban List”) 5th place, Men’s Fitness Model, Brisbane Classic, 2013 Had the pleasure of coaching Chani Carroso:

1ST place, Bikini Novice, INBA Olympia, 2013
3rd place, Ms Bikini, WBFF, 2013
5TH place, Ms Bikini Australia, 2013
3rd place, INBA Brisbane classic, 2013
Also have coached many more female competitors to earn trophies


Sports Specific Strength and Conditioning
Specialised One on one personal training
Body transformation specialist
Sports Nutrition and Supplementation
Pregnancy training
Post partum body transformation
Metabolic Health Screening
Body Building Contest Training, Posing and Nutrition Preparation
Bikini/ Fitness Contest Training, Posing and Nutrition Preparation
Being Awesome,
Helping Others to be Awesome,
The science Enjoying Life

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