DEAN WEISSOwner & Founder
Dean is a qualified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. He specialises in Body Recomposition and Bodybuilding Coaching. Dean has personally put 50+ people on stage, in the best shape of their life, over the past 5 years. Dean has also competed, and won, Bodybuilding Competitions in the past.
NICHOLAS COOKExercise Phsyiologist
Nicholas (Nick) is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and has many years experience training a wide range of clients. Nick is very knowledgable and has proved this through aiding in the rehabilitation of many injuries & chronic diseases. Nick also has a powerlifting background and is a qualified Powerlifting Coach.
ALEX BEEVERSPersonal Trainer
Alex is in her final year of study to become an Exercise Physiologist – she is also a qualified Personal Trainer. Alex is our head Bodybuilding Coach and takes care of all customised programming for those clients. She’s extremely knowledgable & experienced in Body Recomposition.
DYLAN KELSOStrength & Conditioning Coach
Dylan is an Accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach from Ireland.
“I grew up in Ireland (so forgive the accent) and I’ve always been an active person. My interest in the gym started when I was 16 and realised I needed to get bigger and stronger for rugby. After a few sessions I was hooked.

In 2018 I graduated with a degree in Strength and Conditioning. I specialise in body composition training and powerlifting. I believe that consistently striving to work hard and do the simple things right are the two keys to success.

My main interest outside of work is playing or watching rugby but I’m interested in lots of different sports. I also enjoy going on nature walks or having a drink with my mates at the weekend.”

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