Nutrition Consults

Nutrition Consultations with Cutting Edge Performance Centre’s Accredited Practising Dietitian, Jen Pfeifler.

Jen works with everyone, from those taking the first few steps on their Health & Fitness Journey to CEPC’s Comp Prep Clients. For all Initial & Follow-up Consultations, you’re able to claim Private Health Rebates where applicable. The amount will depend on your Institution and level of cover. We’re currently taking referrals from General Practitioners in the area also. Please contact us via if you’re a GP interested in building a professional relationship with CEPC.

The following is a run down of all Nutrition-based services we offer at Cutting Edge Performance Centre in Milton. If you’re interested in home-visits, Jen takes these dependant on location. She’s also available for over-the-phone consults if you’re not Brisbane-based.

Appointments for all packages can be booked as one off appointments, in blocks of six sessions, or as a total package of twenty sessions.

Nutrition for sports performance… Eat to Compete!

This package is for you if you are wanting to get the most out of your training. With a focus on using key sports nutrition principles, we will work with you to help you prepare and recover from those training sessions to optimise your performance and progress your goals – whether that be in training or competition. Delivered over three phases and transitioning from weekly to monthly appointments as you progress, the nutrition for sports performance and the eat to compete package aim to set you up with a positive relationship with food without compromising performance.

Food Mind Body Transformation

The Food Mind Body Transformation Pack is best delivered as a series of 20 appointments over a 6-9 month period. With a focus on developing positive relationships with food (what we eat), mind (how we think about eating, weight and exercise), and body (body image and how we train), this package is one that can transform your life – imagine feel relaxed about your eating, being at peace with your mind, and enjoying the body you have. As our most popular package to date, this is the one to go for if feeling good within yourself is high on your list. This package also help you move away from using weight as a measure of health, wellbeing, and self worth.

Ditching the Diet 

If you have a history of dieting on and off and are at the stage where eating is just too confusing, our ditching the diet package will get you on the right track. Using a non diet approach to health and wellbeing, the focus here is not necessarily on performance, but breaking free of the dieting merry go round and developing a positive and sustainable relationship with food. Using the RAVES eating model, we will support your efforts to develop an intuitive and mindful approach to eating that can be sustained in the longer term – after all, we do want you to be able to ditch the diet, once and for all.


This package is for you if you have other goals or medical conditions you would like dietary support around. The 4Me packages are tailored to meet your specific needs and goals, and have a focus on optimising health and wellbeing through modifying your eating patterns and your approach to food. Examples include high cholesterol, diabetes, food allergies, gut health and heart disease.

Unsure of what pack will suit you best, book one of our “Dollar a Minute” sessions to chat to Jen about what might suit you best (maximum of 20 minutes duration).

An Initial Consultation for any package is $189 for a 1 hour session.

Follow-up Dietitian Consultation is $99 for a 30 minute session. 

Extended Review Consultation is $119 for a 45 minute session. 

Nutrition Consultations as part of a Personal Training Package.

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