How to Get Fit by New Year’s Eve

Get Fit by New Year

You’ve indulged in comfort food on weekends, trashed your diet on weekdays, skipped your exercise, but somewhere along the way, you intermittently remember that New Year resolution you had made – to lose weight by next year. Yup! Happens to the best of us, honestly. We’ll always start the New Year with good intentions but life just gets in the way and fitness goes out the door. Next thing we know, it’s October! But don’t worry, with proper diet and exercise, we can all get fit by New Year’s Eve. Try these tips…

Say good bye to sugar

Expert nutritionist, Dr. Lipman told Refinery29, “Replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners is a diet disaster. Aspartame is a dangerous food additive that some studies have shown has toxic effects. And though Splenda claims to be made from sugar, it is made by chlorinating sugar. This means if you use Splenda, you are essentially dumping chlorine in your coffee. Recent studies have shown that aspartame may actually stimulate appetite and bring on a craving for carbohydrates.”

HIIT it up

If you want to see some quick results, try a HIIT workout. To start seeing results within a week, incorporate two to three HIIT sessions in your routine. “When you work with high intensity intervals, your body keeps burning calories for up to 16 hours post session. It increases your speed and endurance, helping you burn fat faster. Try 30 second to 1 minute intervals at 80 per cent intensity,” said personal trainer Ben Lucas to Harper’s Bazaar.

Don’t limit yourself to cardio

People often focus on doing cardio to lose weight, but strength training is also important for weight loss. As you build more lean muscle, the metabolism increases and you’ll be able to lose weight faster. The truth is, strength training and building lean muscle mass is essential for weight control and good health especially as you get older,” said Ben Weiss, head coach and owner of Cutting Edge Performance Centre.

Do a cleanse

Detoxes not only resets your appetite and help with weight loss, but it often also decreases your sugar cravings. A cleanse is a great way to help you get rid of the turkey weight. The perfect time? Definitely after major festive holidays like Christmas.

Drink more water

Humans need to drink two to four liters of water each day, but did you know that most of us don’t get anywhere near that much? Yikes! Have a water bottle  with you at all times and sip from it often. Drinking water gives you a sense of being full so you don’t eat too much. Plus, staying hydrated helps keep your skin looking young and healthy. Now who does not want that?

Do you have a fitness resolution? Are you planning to get fit by New Year’s Eve?

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