Funny Things People Do To Lose Weight

Funny Things People Do To Lose Weight

“OMG I wish I had slimmer thighs.”
“My New Year’s resolution is to stick to a diet.”
“Does this outfit make me look fat?”
How many times have we caught ourselves saying (or heard others mutter) one or more of the above? An extension of body dysmorphia – bad body image, is a common one in our generation. And we can blame social media and marketing approaches to body image for this phenomenon.

Everywhere we look, we are bombarded by images of skinny models in body-baring outfits laughing and looking like they’re leading the good life. Whether we choose to acknowledge or ignore these images, somehow they have the ability to seep into our subconsciousness as if via osmosis.
There is certainly a difference between losing weight for health reasons and subjectively shedding pounds for the sake of pure vanity. Most of the time people have taken to falling into the latter because of the pressures of society. Thankfully more and more brands have made moves to promote positive body image to fully represent a more diverse customer base.

Though info about the dangers of excessive dieting and the importance of shedding inches the healthy way are readily available online, some people still fall by the wayside. They hop on weird diet crazes with the intention to drop a dress size or two – fast, like Speedy Gonzales fast. But do any of these methods work? We decided to scour the web for the most bizarre weight-loss tricks and these were what we found — Funny Things People Do To Lose Weight:

1. Tie A Ribbon Around Your Waist

Apparent this is a trick French women practice. They wear a ribbon under their clothes wrapped around their tummy. When the ribbon starts to get tighter it’s a gentle reminder to slow down or stop.
Verdict: It isn’t a magic potion but it does help to promote awareness and motivate the wearer to eat less and pick healthier options.

2. Swallow A Tapeworm

Probably one of the more cringe-y options, tapeworms have been in the market as a weight loss remedy for over a century! These parasites will then live in your digestive tract to absorb calories and nutrients.
Verdict: Super dangerous. Being a parasite, tapeworms can cause damage to the nervous system, disruption of normal organ function, seizures, digestive blockages, and death.

3. Blue Is An Appetite Suppressant

Ever wondered why you haven’t seen fast food joints all decked in blue? That’s because they want customers to go all out and order. The colour blue has actually shown to suppress appetites as it makes food appear less tempting.
Verdict: Worth a shot. This is an inexpensive way to try to minimise your food intake and a great excuse to redecorate the kitchen.

4. Use A Plastic Tongue Patch

This technique which sees a patch sewn on to the tongue using six stitches is one that was created by a plastic surgeon named Dr. Nikolas Chugay. The Chugay Tongue Patch was created as an alternative solution to the more drastic lap band or gastric bypass. Having the patch on makes it extremely painful and difficult for anyone to take in solid food. So they resort to a liquid diet of 800 calories a day instead until it gets taken off.

Yes, some people go as far as getting a patch stitched onto their tongue! Credit: Twitter.

Verdict: Expensive (approx $2000), uncomfortable and painful, there are easier and cushier ways to losing the weight. Who’s to say what happens after the patch comes off? Will you still have the will power to pass on junk food? You might as well enjoy healthy but tasty snacks.

5. Sniff And Take A Big Whiff

Research done at the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation claims that the more frequently people sniff certain foods, the less famish they become. Neutral sweet smells like banana, green apple, or vanilla curb the desire to eat best. Additionally, strong aromas like garlic can help you take smaller bites.
Verdict: This method is said to be effective as it tricks the brain into thinking you’re filling your bellies with the food you are sniffing up.

6. Ciggie Smoking

Nicotine lowers the appetite and sucking on tobacco sticks stuns your taste buds making it less effective. As a result, your food ends up tasting dull.

Funny Things People Do To Lose Weight

Funny Things People Do To Lose Weight. Smoking is not the way to lose weight, people.

Verdict: This bad habit can lead to teeth discolouration, bad breath, health complications, diseases, cancer, and death.

7. Turn Up The Spice

The burning sensation you get from chewing on chili comes from Capsaicin, a chemical compound which activates adrenaline to break down fat so that it burns off easily after.
Verdict: It needs to be said that exercise is a crucial element in the effectiveness of this technique. Exercise will help to burn off the fat that has been broken down. If there’s no physical activity, the fat remains and no effects will be seen at all.

Beware of dangerous fitness advice and remember, some of these tricks are only meant to aid your weight loss journey and shouldn’t be abused to fast-track your way to a beach body. In the long run, practicing regular exercise and eating well-balanced meals are better ways at getting you looking your best. If you want someone to guide and support you on a healthy weight loss journey, come and say hi! We love helping people reach their fitness goal. Just listen to what our clients have to say about us and get inspired by looking at their transformation photos!

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