The Morning Of

The morning of my first ever comp day was super exciting and nerve wracking. I had everything packed and ready to go the night before including food needed throughout the day.

Hair and makeup was fun, and made my ridiculously dark tan look a whole lot better! The tan was probably the most unexpected part given how dark it was, but obviously needed as it looked great on stage.



The backstage experience was pretty amazing. I loved that everyone there seemed so “normal” and focused; it wasn’t all glitz and glam until getting on stage. I did not think 6 months ago that I would be backstage at a comp in a bikini and heels doing push-ups and bicep curls. Pretty cool experience.

On Stage

I was sooooo nervous waiting to going on stage for my first division. Walking on stage was crazy, but after a couple of minutes and some deep breathes I chilled out a bit. Although it was still pretty nerve wracking and intense, it was such an awesome experience. The lights on stage were so bright and hot, I couldn’t see anyone in the audience, but I could hear friends calling out, and I could hear Dean yelling “smile Jade” ☺. Finishing that first division was exhilarating.
Second division was far better, as the nerves had settled and I knew what to expect. I had so much fun and absolutely loved it. Definitely loved the muscularity division the most, the music was awesome and it felt amazing to be on stage. Super excited with 2nd place, and I can’t wait for the next one in 2019.

Thanks so much to Dean, Nick and Jono. I had no intention of doing a comp when I first went to the CEPC, but Dean (and Maddi) convinced me and I’m glad they did. Could not have done it without you guys – Jade!