Simple Ways To Drink More Water

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The first question we ask our clients when it comes to making lifestyle improvements and achieving their health and fitness goal is, ‘What’s your water intake like?’. It seems like such a simple, easy thing to do, but we can easily get distracted by our on-the-go crazy busy lives that habitual rituals like coffee or tea become our only regular source of H2O. I hope you’re all reaching for a water as I am while typing this! There are sooo many benefits to getting in more water throughout the day, such as nicer skin, more energy, less headaches caused by dehydration, better mental clarity and memory, less hunger pangs and sugar cravings, it helps fill you up so you may eat less during the day, and drinking extra water can help you lose weight. Ok, so we probably already know all of this, but how we get ourselves into the habit of drinking more water? Here are 5 simple tips!

1. ADD YOUR OWN FLAVOUR – we get it, water can be pretty boring, but until you’re in the habit, spruce it up a little with some orange slices, mint, cucumber or lemons

2. KEEP IT CLOSE – if it’s within arms reach then you’re constantly reminded to keep guzzling. If you’re stuck at the desk all day or on the road driving, have a giant sized water bottle with you. Or have a big jug on your desk and take breaks for water very often, added bonus of an excuse to get away from your desk.

3. MAKE IT PART OF YOUR NIGHT OUT – if you’re out at the bar, have a motto in your head ‘water with every order’. Make it a habit to always drink at least one more glass of water before bed and when you get home. Not only will it help you rehydrate after drinking it will make your hangover suck less!

4. THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT – there are heaps of water reminder apps for iPhones – try Waterlogged or Water Your Body (for Android and iPhones) or if you want to get technical but not too technical, set a few alerts on your phone throughout the day to remind yourself.

5. TAKE NOTE OF YOUR WATER CLOSET VISITS! – If your tinkle ain’t clear or pale yellow, then you’re not hydrated enough. Be conscious of what’s coming out of you, so you can become more conscious about what needs to go in. I’m not talking let’s go an have a coffee or a tea, or a sugary soda pop, I’m talking clear, pure, filtered water that’s going to give you more energy, help you lose weight and turn you into an Einsten genious in the boardroom! Well maybe not, but you’ll be able to think a lot clearer and remove that fog that makes you want to reach for a further dehydrating coffee in the first place! Like this hydration tip or need help with achieving a particular health or fitness personal goal? We love this stuff and post regular fitness, health and nutrition tips on Facebook. Feel free to contact us for a catchup and a chat about your health and fitness goals. Yours is Health & Happiness, The Cutting Edge Team x

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