Competition Coach Brisbane

Competition Coaching Process

Looking for a professional ‘Bikini Competition Coach Brisbane’ or a ‘Bodybuilding Competition Coach Brisbane’ that you can trust?

Bikini & Bodybuilding competitions are something we have been coaching and preparing for over the last 6 years. We have had a lot of experience and success in the area – our clients have won at State, National and International levels.

Start Your Bikini or Bodybuilding competition preparation now!

We have developed a winning science based system for the first time competitor or the seasoned veteran which includes:

  • 1x 45 min one on one personal training sessions per week
  • weekly body comp measurements
  • Nutrition planning coaching tailored to you buy our issn sports nutritionist
  • Metabolic health screen
  • Post competition 6 week reverse diet
  • Custom Training plan tailored to you by our exercise scientist
  • Monthly Posing clinics
  • On the day support at the competition to help you with posing nutrition pumping up
  • We organise your tanning
  • We help you choose a bikini, heels, posing trunks
  • Progress photos

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