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How To Get A Perky Butt

perky butt

Sir Mix-A-Lot said it best --- “I like big butts and I cannot lie.” So what is it about butts that give them such an appeal? For one they make you look AMAZING in jeans! Great news is, even if…

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4 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight Despite Dieting

losing weight

Do you feel like you've been trying to lose weight forever but just haven't seen any results? Sometimes we do things that we think can help aid weight loss but it turns out to do the complete opposite for our…

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10 Biggest Mistakes Mums Make Trying To Get Fit

Biggest Mistakes Mums Make

Getting fit or shedding some pounds will always be a topical conversation between mums over their skinny lattes. (Pardon the pun!) Comparing notes, "What am I doing wrong?"  "Why am I not losing any weight," and, "I think my personal…

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Getting Back to Exercise After Injury

We’ve all been there that horrible feeling when you’re not able to do your HIIT training or spin class. You just say to yourself 'I'll give it a day or two then it should be fine’. You just carry on…

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Dad Bod: My Thoughts So Far About My #dadlife

Dad bod

No one wants a Dad bod right? I thought I would put together some of my thoughts so far about my #dadlife experiences and try to give some other new or old Dads some strategies on how to overcome some…

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How to Get Fit by New Year’s Eve

Get Fit by New Year

You've indulged in comfort food on weekends, trashed your diet on weekdays, skipped your exercise, but somewhere along the way, you intermittently remember that New Year resolution you had made - to lose weight by next year. Yup! Happens to…

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Our Body: Why It’s All Downhill After 30

Weight loss after 30

You’ve said goodbye to your 20’s.  You’re embracing your mum/dad-bod and you’ve accepted that the months between Easter and Christmas are where you prepare your stomach for gastronomical delight. Life seems to get in the way of exercise and it’s…

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Anxiety and Exercise: What You Didn’t Know

How to get rid of anxiety

  Anxiety is a deep concern for things that haven't happened yet. It involves feelings of worry or fear of future events that are strong enough to interfere with your daily activities. When someone is feeling anxious, their body will…

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How some People seem to Train Forever and Stay the Same. WTH?

train forever

Do you know anyone who train forever but still stay the same? As the old sayings go; if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten! And; if you don’t change then nothing changes!  The…

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Corporate Traveler

Travel a lot for work? This is a Fitness Training Program for the Corporate traveler, it can be tricky to keep regular routines for nutrition and exercise hole traveling. That’s where bodyweight exercises come in. Using the resistance of your own weight…

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