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10 Holiday Foods That Won’t Ruin Your Fitness Progress

Christmas food that wont ruin your fitness progress

Okay, sorry that dessert image was a trick! Watch out, guys. The holidays are around the corner and the excitement is high. Also high are the calories, fat, sugar, and sodium! To be fair, you did wait a whole year…

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Healthy Foods that Can Ruin Your Workout

Foods that can ruin your workout

Have you been feeling increasingly tired at the gym that you just want to give up? Don't be surprised that it could be down to what you've been eating right before the gym. Even if you've been eating healthy, it's…

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Our Body: Why It’s All Downhill After 30

Weight loss after 30

You’ve said goodbye to your 20’s.  You’re embracing your mum/dad-bod and you’ve accepted that the months between Easter and Christmas are where you prepare your stomach for gastronomical delight. Life seems to get in the way of exercise and it’s…

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Corporate Traveler

Travel a lot for work? This is a Fitness Training Program for the Corporate traveler, it can be tricky to keep regular routines for nutrition and exercise hole traveling. That’s where bodyweight exercises come in. Using the resistance of your own weight…

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Bodyweight Workouts for Corporate Travel

  Travel a lot for work? Corporate travel can often be a bit of a drag – it can be tricky to keep regular routines for nutrition and exercise. That’s where bodyweight exercises come in. Using the resistance of your…

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Tasty Quinoa Muffins – 3 Different Ways to Improve Weight Loss

Weight Loss Striving for weight loss? This is a loaded subject so here is a simple recipe to kick start you. Quinoa is such a versatile nutrient packed nutty little superfood. It can be eaten as a breakfast (quinoa porridge),…

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Simple Ways To Drink More Water

Water Intake when it comes to Sports Nutrition and Personal Training The first question we ask our clients/ athletes is, ‘What’s your water intake like?’. this is a pivotal point in when it comes to making  improvements and achieving their health…

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What to eat before and after a workout

No matter what your goal or level of fitness everyones body works the same as in we NEED carbohydrates to convert to glycogen to use for energy especially before and after a workout, so what do you eat before a…

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How to lose belly fat with nutrition coaching

Abs are made in the kitchen How to lose belly fat with nutrition coaching? No amount of crunches is going to make you loose belly fat if your nutrition is not on track. But  where do you start? Start by…

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