Postpartum Mummy Makeover


Mummy Makeover | Congratulations! You’ve just gone through the most enduring physical experience of your life. Your body might as well have climbed Mt Everest and swam the circumference of the globe. And now all you want to reward your body with is sleep for a month. Good news! The First Six Weeks If you [...]

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My Transformation Story: How I Went from Client to Coach


I’m impulsive. And for anyone who knows me, once I have an idea or a goal in mind, I’m relentless in my actions to achieve it. I had just come back from my time in New York on an exchange program with Uni, and I was ready for my next challenge. I’d conquered the college [...]

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Dad Bod: My Thoughts So Far About My #dadlife


No one wants a Dad bod right? I thought I would put together some of my thoughts so far about my #dadlife experiences and try to give some other new or old Dads some strategies on how to overcome some challenges though this new period of life. I’ve just become a new Dad and I [...]

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Best Exercises for Anxiety and Depression


"The body is the mind and the mind is the body," says psychologist Ben Michaelis, PhD. And this statement cannot be any truer because science has proven that when you take care of yourself, you are helping the whole system. For those who suffer from depression or anxiety, exercise plays a key role in managing your symptoms [...]

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Anxiety and Exercise: What You Didn’t Know


  Anxiety is a deep concern for things that haven't happened yet. It involves feelings of worry or fear of future events that are strong enough to interfere with your daily activities. When someone is feeling anxious, their body will have a physical response to fear. Symptoms might include racing heart, rapid breathing, sweaty palms, [...]

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