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Smart weight training is essential for bodybuilding, and having every muscle in your body switching on and working so you have a complete physique on stage is vital to your chances of being as competitive as possible. Smart training helps avoid overuse injuries.

We set up a plan which incorporates every muscle in your body, training every muscle at least once a week. The best way to do that is by focusing on compound exercises that use big muscle groups while still not forgetting your physiques weak points. We are huge believers in volume based training, where the technique will always come first.

Perfect technique is important to help prevent injuries and to ensure that you are working a certain area of your body at an optimum level. The most commonly used compound exercises in our coaching programmes are: deadlifts, squats, chin ups and overhead press.

These are all used as a base for your training and building. From there we apply a much more customised approach, where different exercises will be applied to focus on weak areas of your physique and ensure you are building perfect symmetry.


We have developed a winning science based system for the first time competitor or the seasoned veteran which includes:

  • 1x 45 min one on one personal training sessions per week
  • weekly body comp measurements
  • Nutrition planning coaching tailored to you buy our issn sports nutritionist
  • Metabolic health screen
  • Resting metabolic rate check up (external)
  • Post competition 6 week reverse diet
  • Custom Training plan tailored to you by our exercise scientist
  • Monthly Posing clinics
  • On the day support at the competition to help you with posing nutrition pumping up
  • We organise your tanning
  • We help you choose a bikini, heels, posing trunks
  • Progress photos

We can split this into part payments over a period to make this affordable for everyone with a 24 week prep and a 6 week reverse diet you are looking at $120 per week for 30 weeks.

The only things that are extra are the RMR check tanning and entry fees for the competition.

If this doesn’t fit into your budget then ask about alternative payment plans

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