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Our Bodybuilding Coaching Process

If you want to compete on stage then you are going to need to dedicate around 6 months of your life to training and getting in the best shape of your life. This is a lengthy process but there is nothing more satisfying for us than taking you through this period and helping you make as much progress as possible. Getting ‘stage ready’ is more than just training, you will also need to be 100% committed to a strict nutrition plan which we will tailor to your needs and goals.

Starting the Bodybuilding  process

We always start by breaking down your current training and nutrition plans and assessing your body fat %. This helps provide us with a starting point; from there we can put together a realistic plan of attack for you. There is no standard out of the box  training and nutrition plan, everyone needs a plan that is customised to the individual (keep that in mind when looking for a bodybuilding coach).

Bodybuilding Training

Smart weight training is essential for bodybuilding, and having every muscle in your body switching on and working so you have a complete physique on stage is vital to your chances of being as competitive as possible. Smart training helps avoid overuse injuries. We set up a plan which incorporates every muscle in your body, training every muscle at least once a week. The best way to do that is by focusing on compound exercises that use big muscle groups while still not forgetting your physiques weak points. We are huge believers in volume based training, where the technique will always come first. Perfect technique is important to help prevent injuries and to ensure that you are working a certain area of your body at an optimum level. The most commonly used compound exercises in our coaching programmes are: deadlifts, squats, chin ups and overhead press. These are all used as a base for your training and building. From there we apply a much more customised approach, where different exercises will be applied to focus on weak areas of your physique and ensure you are building perfect symmetry.

Bodybuilding Nutrition

If you don’t like to eat, or don’t have time to prepare meals for the week then you should find a new hobby as eating/ fueling the body is as if not more important than the training. Knowing exactly what you are fueling your body with and being able to track your intake is essential to success. If it’s not measured then it’s hard as a bodybuilding coach to give you feedback on where to improve. Again, there is no one size fits all nutrition plan that is suitable to everyone. Nutrition is something that needs to be assessed and customised to the individual. This is a big and vital part of our bodybuilding coaching programme. We will constantly monitor and assess your diet, making adjustments and changes as needed.

Posing for the BodyBuilding competition

We are not just talking about standing in front of the mirror having a flex, posing in bodybuilding is a skill on its own and it can win or lose a show. You can have the best physique on stage but if you can’t show it off it may cost you the title. Posing  should be integrated into your workout routine each and every week from when you start preparing, right up until competition time. To start we teach you the basics from your compulsory ¼ turns ( front, side, back, side) then we move into your symmetry poses (front double bicep, front lat spread, side chest, side tricep, back double bicep, back lat spread, most muscular, abs and thighs). It takes a long time to get these on point and everyone is different so the sooner you start practicing the better.

Peak week

This is the thing that body building competitors mess up all the time, as a lot of the confusion comes from thinking that you are smarter than your body and you can manipulate your carbs, fats, proteins and sodium to trick your body into looking a certain way at a certain time. The key is consistency through your peak week, sure we have to make minor changes in macros and sodium in the last week before the show, but some bodybuilding coaches go with an over complicated approach which involves carb depleting then sodium loading then sodium depletion and carb loading and diuretics and dehydrating. It’s all a little complicated and can be dangerous for the competitor, the trick is consistency; you need to have good preparation and be completely shredded before peak week, then we can make a few minor adjustments to your training and nutrition throughout the week to ensure you are in peak physical condition.

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If you are thinking of entering a bodybuilding competition and would like some advice on getting yourself prepared for the competition then please contact us on 0408 016 793. We will be able to arrange a time to meet up and discuss your goals and help you set realistic expectations for the competition. Also, feel free to come in and talk to our bodybuilding coach, Dean, in person. He will be able to give you more information on our training programmes and how we can help you get into optimum shape for your competition. We are located at unit 1,45 Douglas street, Milton, Brisbane.

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