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Bikini Competition Coaching Process

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Bikini modelling competitions are something we have been coaching and preparing for over the last 6 years. We have had a lot of experience and success in the area. Our clients have won at State, National and International levels. In the bodybuilding world, some people say that bikini models have it easy however we disagree. It takes discipline to diet and train for what is one of the most popular divisions these days. After all, what girl doesn’t want a bikini body?

The secret to building your bikini body is time. We’ve proven that over and over again with our natural bodybuilding programs. Just about any girl can achieve this goal within 30 weeks as this time period will allow your body to adapt to the training and nutrition guidelines. You’ll not only get in shape for the competition but you stay in great shape after the big day.

Creating a Bikini Diet

Slower dieting is always the best and you always want to diet on as many calories as possible! We start the process by first tracking what food you’re currently eating (using MyFitnessPal) and getting a snapshot of where your current macro breakdown is. Macros refer to the protein, carbs, fats and fibre in your food. We’ll also look at the amount of calories you are currently consuming on an average day.

The next thing we start to do is work out what your current daily energy expenditure is by adding together your BMR (basal metabolic rate) and your exercise factor (how many times a week you’re training). Then we set appropriate calories & Macros. For the first month or two, we actively track food and slowly increase caloric intake while also tracking body fat % to make sure that is not increasing.

When we get to 10-12 weeks out, we start to now slowly decrease the calories until we get to stage. Everyone is a little different through this whole process and no single nutrition plan is right for everyone. This is why we personalise and tailor the nutritional part of the bikini coaching for each and every client.

Posing for the competition

Posing for the big day is another integral part of getting on stage. You can have the best body on stage but if you have no stage presence and no personality on stage, then you will be overlooked by the judges. Its best to practise posing from the beginning, so when it comes to stage time you have practised so much it is second nature, and you can feel assured and confident that you won’t miss a beat.

Tanning, Hair and Makeup Preparation

We prefer Lucy Lane for all of our bikini competitors tanning, hair and makeup needs. They are one of the best and have always done a fantastic job for all of our clients that have taken part in a bikini competition. They are also at the venue on the day which means you will be able to get any touch ups or adjustments.

Start Your Bikini competition preparation now!

We have developed a winning science based system for the first time competitor or the seasoned veteran which includes:

  • 1x 45 min one on one personal training sessions per week
  • weekly body comp measurements
  • Nutrition planning coaching tailored to you buy our issn sports nutritionist
  • Metabolic health screen
  • Post competition 6 week reverse diet
  • Custom Training plan tailored to you by our exercise scientist
  • Monthly Posing clinics
  • On the day support at the competition to help you with posing nutrition pumping up
  • We organise your tanning
  • We help you choose a bikini, heels, posing trunks
  • Progress photos

We can split this into part payments over a period to make this affordable for everyone. With a 24 week prep and a 6 week reverse diet, you are looking at $120 per week for 30 weeks. Why do we do a reverse diet? Have a read through these articles.

If this doesn’t fit into your budget then ask about alternative payment plans.

When it comes to natural bodybuilding training and prep, you can’t go past our experienced team. Contact us now on 0408 016 793 to talk about your bikini competition coaching needs. Prefer to talk in person? Then come on down to our performance centre and talk with one of our personal trainers. We are located at unit 1-45 Douglas st , Milton, Brisbane.

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