10 Biggest Mistakes Mums Make Trying To Get Fit

Biggest Mistakes Mums Make

Getting fit or shedding some pounds will always be a topical conversation between mums over their skinny lattes. (Pardon the pun!) Comparing notes, “What am I doing wrong?”  “Why am I not losing any weight,” and, “I think my personal trainer is not pushing me enough.” You’re only kidding yourself. Instead of playing the blame game, why not ask ourselves the question, ‘Are you really doing everything you can to help yourself achieve your goals?’ Here are the biggest mistakes mums make trying to get into shape together with tips to help avoiding these pitfalls:

#1 Too much Protein

We all know it’s important to have protein, but too much and the excess can get stored as fat. Women need about 46 grams of protein per day on average.

#2 Not having enough veggies

We should be consuming an average of 2.5 cups daily. A good way to do this is to work vegetables into every meal. Try having spinach with a sandwich or tomato on toast.

#3 Having juice for breakfast

A big glass of juice in the morning for breakfast increases blood sugar levels. Get in your protein and fibre. Next time go for eggs and wholegrain toast instead. Check out this recipe for the Best Breakfast Ever.

#4 Not getting enough sleep

Let’s be real… as mums we are lucky to get 6 hours of sleep without a little person calling out for us! But sleep IS vital for health so when you can, try to squeeze in a power nap. Your body and your mind will thank you.

#5 Ignoring weights & doing too much cardio

This is a very common mistake amongst mothers. Weight training is very important as it keeps the metabolism charged up. A good tip is to attend classes with weights incorporated as this gets your strength training done. It also helps us mothers overcome that fear of making a fool of ourselves in the weights room. Come on you know we’ve all been there right!

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#6 Eating too much after exercise

You feel great after a good solid HIIT workout or PT session but this isn’t a licence to go all out and eat whatever you want at lunch with your BFF!

#7 Not drinking enough water

Yes H2O is the best drink you can consume believe it or not! It is recommended that you drink x 0.033 your body weight in kilos per day. An easier way to explain it, if you weigh 100kg x 0.033 = 3.3 litres of water per day. Then for every hour you exercise add 1 litre of water onto that. Try also to avoid sugary drinks which also means NO sugar in your latte ladies!

#8 Not stretching enough & sitting for long periods

You can do simple things when you travel by making smarter lifestyle choices. On your next commute to work stand instead of sitting or walk to that meeting rather than catching the tram.

#9 Skipping meals

The belief that “If I don’t eat I’ll lose weight, right?” Wrong, skipping meals is one of the worst things you can do. You need to get enough nutrients to allow the body to recover and get the fuel it needs. It’s also important to track your food intake. There are lots of apps out there easy to find on your smartphone to help. Also read: What Happens to Your Body When You Skip Meals.

#10 Not reading food labels

It only takes a few seconds to check what you’re putting into your body is right for you. Check the packaging on your food item. Make sure you choose whole foods and as a general rule avoid processed or low fat or ‘diet’ foods on your supermarket sweep.

Ladies, we know its not easy to lose weight as mums but if you can be honest with yourself and really avoid these common blimps on the radar, it will go a long way to helping you get that bikini body you have been after.

Last but not least, never give up and don’t give in too easily. We’ve all been there when you are just too tired or ‘can’t be bothered.’ Next time you feel like that don’t underestimate yourself. Take action gals… a ten-minute workout, whether it’s a walk or run is better than sitting on the couch with a tub of ice cream watching Netflix! If you would love to kickstart a workout regime but are not sure how to, or if you’re a fitness freak who would love some butt-kicking, pop into CEPC! We’re always here to help.

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